SELF AESTHETIC MAGAZINE - 8 different kinds of masks

  • In this package, you’ll find the following products:

    1. Self aesthetic soft hand mask
    2. Self aesthetic soft foot mask
    3. Self aesthetic silky hair mask
    4. Self aesthetic water-full facial mask
    5. Self aesthetic collagen hydrogel eye patch
    6. Self aesthetic Butterfly Nose Strip
    7. Self aesthetic Pore clean bubble mask
    8. Self aesthetic rose hydrogel lip patch

    Get head-to-toe care with the masks included in this package.


    Put your hands into the masks after wash and fix with stickers. Keep wearing for 10~30 min and tab remaining essence on your hands to absorb it. (Do not need to wash it)

    Apply mask to face and remove after 10-20 minutes. Massage remaining product into skin.


    Apply the lip patch after basic skincare routine. Remove the patch after 15-20 minutes and massage the remaining essence until it is fully absorbed.


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SELF AESTHETIC MAGAZINE - 8 different kinds of masks