We strive to always offer the highest quality products at an affordable price, as we believe that everyone should be able to live a more sustainable life.

  • Our natural soaps are inspired in Almeria (Spain), every soap is handmade in small batches, using only natural ingredients which, wherever possible, are sustainably sourced and harvested locally.
  • All of our natural soaps and skincare products are free from chemical irritants such as sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, parabens & petrolatum.
  • Our packaging is totally biodegradable, our ingredients are as locally sourced as possible and neither our products nor their ingredients are tested on animals.
  • All of our natural soaps  are handmade in The Netherlands

Why Alboran Nature ? I'm Sara and I've been living in The Netherlands since 2013, I born in Spain and I grow up in a small city between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alboran Sea,  Almeria. Since I moved , I call that place my little paradise, doesn't matter how far I'll go, it will be always the number one in my heart. One of my dreams was traveling to Indonesia, that trip was a wake-up call to me, how I Imagined the Jungle it was not how I saw it. Garbage every where, the sea full of plastic bottles, deforestation...  Was enough to see , to know that beautiful place in the Earth was being destroyed, I stopped buying products with Palm Oil but was not enough. Being available to share with others how we can change things, how a small gesture can make an impact in the world, this what I want to do with Alboran . Sara - Founder of Alboran .

Don't be useless. Use less


Personal Advice

Even if you are already in this journey for longer time or you are a newer, I will be available to answer your questions. 



I will post my favourite recipes and tricks to reduce waste 


No Greenwashing

In Alboran  we don’t support greenwashing