Reasons to Ditch Your Shampoo Bottle for a Bar


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Shampoo bars are greener, cheaper, and much more travel-friendly

Shampoo bars are an eco-friendly, plastic-free and economical alternative because  one shampoo or conditioner bar replaces three plastic bottles liquid shampoo or conditioner.

↠ The cardboard packaging of our bars is completely biodegradable 

Toxin-Free & nourishing ingredients

Shampoo bars (the ones we stock) are completely free from toxins and are packed with nourishing ingredients that are good for your hair and the planet.

Healthy hair and scalp
The nutritious ingredients of the shampoo bars work with the natural oil in your hair that keeps it healthy and shiny, instead of stripping it away. This boosts the overall health and happiness of your hair and scalp avoiding built up residue and promoting thickness, growth and shine.


Multi-tasker, leak-free and convenient
Toxin-free shampoo bars can be used to cleanse your body and face because they don’t dry out your skin and use natural nourishing ingredients. This means they can replace 3-4 different bottles in the shower. Say goodbye to OCD freak outs and excess clutter!

We take ours camping, which is important if you use outdoor showers as the ingredients of the bar won’t threaten the surrounding environment and animals. Even better if you travel via plane. No stress about your bottles bursting, taking up half your bag or having to sacrifice them because you forgot the 100 ml rule. Less time feeling bad for leaving some behind ✌️.

Inexpensive & long lasting
Liquid shampoo is on average 60% water, and liquid conditioner is 90%. We’ve all paid ridiculous prices for half a cup of water.

Shampoo and conditioner bars are highly concentrated (with only the good stuff) giving them a longer life of up to 80+ washes. They also avoid overuse and wastage that most liquid products with pumps face. This makes them the real cost-effective option. Less costs for you and the planet!

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