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Bamboo charcoal water filter review

 Instead of those clunky-but-necessary filters that leave much to be desired in terms of design, you can easily make your own beautiful and effective water purifier using inexpensive and long-lasting Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter . It’s an ancient Japanese method that has been used for centuries to purify water and we swear the water we tasted was super crisp and fresh. You’ll just need a few things including bamboo charcoal sticks, a pretty pitcher (or a water bottle!), some tap water and a pot to boil the sticks and in under an hour you’ll have the best-tasting water in the best looking vessel, ever!


Bamboo is considered the best material for filtering tap water because of it’s large number of porous cavities and huge surface area compared to wood charcoal.

Bamboo is also extremely sustainable, due to it’s fast growth.

Bamboo is in abundance, grows fast without the use of fertilizer and has no need for pesticides, making it a very suitable material.


  • STEP 1:

    Before you use your Bamboo Charcoal filter , make sure you boil them for around 10 minutes. Friends have told us you can do this once a month for up to a year to “refresh” it so it continues to filter and purify.

  • STEP 2:

    Once it’s boiling, carefully remove it from the heat and let it dry.

  • STEP 3:

    Leave the water and filters to sit for 8 hours or longer for best results. What I do is leave it in the fridge overnight while I sleep or while I’m at work.

  • STEP 4:

    Sip and enjoy!


    The sticks can be easily recycled by breaking into small pieces and placing them into your plant soil, creating micro water and air cavities in the soil.

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